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The Descendants of Jane Owsley Gregg – Daughter of Major Thomas Owsley: The Gregg, Peak(e), Jacobs, Moseley,and Related Families, edited by Thomas W. Spalding.

This collaborative work covers a previously unpublished line of Maj. Thomas Owsley down to the threshold of the 20th century.

Part One introduces the Virginia families associated with and descended from Jane Owsley and her husband James Gregg. Part Two follows the families through selected descendants down through the sixth generation. Part Three is an eclectic collection of documents, anecdotes, and historical accounts. Also included are four appendices that address various researches into the Peake family. The 340 page book has nearly 80 photographs, maps and illustrations throughout, as well as an every-name index.

The price is $20.00 plus $3.50 for shipping. This is being published by the Owsley Family Historical Society. Make check out to: OFHS and mail to: Ronny O. Bodine, 916 N. Ridge Drive, Columbus, GA 31904.


A Genealogical History of the Owsley Family, by Ronny O. Bodine, is OUT OF PRINT.  



Glooston Church Greeting Cards. A pack of 10 greeting cards bearing the photographic image of Glooston Church in a sepia tone, with white envelopes. All proceeds towards the purchase of these greeting cards will benefit Glooston Church. $11,00, postpaid. Order from and payable to Ronny O. Bodine, 916 N. Ridge Drive, Columbus, GA 31904.



Historical and Genealogical Memoir of the Family of Poyntz, by Sir John MacLean, Exeter, 1886, reprinted by Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1983, OUT OF PRINT. (NOTE: Copies of this book may be available for purchase on sites such as and Ebay.)



Letters to California, by Barbara Armenta. The family account is based upon 20 letters and notes that were written to and from Owsley family members who were living in Kentucky, Missouri and California during 1854-1891. Each letter has a picture of its original handwritten copy and a typed transcription following the picture. The book has a brief history of Samuel M. Owsley (1813-1855) and his family who established their home in Gilroy, California in 1854. Spiral binding, 75 pages, 6 pages of pictures, genealogical charts. $19.50 postpaid. Order from and payable to Barbara Armenta, 24 Hillcrest Circle, Norwell, MA 02061



The Owsley Family in England and America 1635-1890, by Harry Bryan Owsley. Originally published 1890, reprinted 1977. Softbound, 164 pages, $15.00, postpaid, payable to Richard P. Owsley. Order from Richard P. Owsley, 989 Highland Avenue, Salem, OH 44460.



The Owsleys of Somersetshire, England, by Ronny O. Bodine, 19 pages, soft covers, staple binding, $8.00. The entire account of the Owsley’s English ancestry in one handy booklet, including 5 full will transcripts. Order from and payable to Ronny O. Bodine, 916 N. Ridge Drive, Columbus, GA 31904.



The Ancestry of Dorothea Poyntz, Wife of Rev. John Owsley

Generations 1-15  (ON CD ONLY) 

The Third Edition of this popular work, Generations 1-14, was published in 1999 and was soon out of print. A serialized version appeared in the OFHS Newsletter afterwards. Now, the 15th generation has been added to the original work and all changes have been incorporated into the text, including many never before published. Unlike more extensive compilations such as The Plantagenet Ancestry and Magna Charta Ancestry by Douglas Richardson, which itself drew upon the first edition of the Ancestry, and which traces primarily the aristocratic and noble families, this 4th Edition includes lesser known lines, many yet as ancient, culled from dozens of histories dating back hundreds of years. This edition is available only on CD, in PDF format, and is fully searchable. This CD is now available for $25.00, post paid, and can be ordered from Ronny O. Bodine, 916 N. Ridge Drive, Columbus, GA 31904. Please make payment payable to Ronny O. Bodine.

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