“Membership in the Owsley Family Historical Society is open to all.”


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Owsley Family Historical Society (OFHS)

Membership Application form


Membership Classes:

Regular– $25.00 – any person or organization who maintains membership during the calendar year. 

New member + Admin. Fee = $30.00


Family– $30.00 – any family unit residing in the same household. 

New member + Admin. Fee = $35.00


Life– $500.00 – any person who pays these dues in one payment will be entitled to membership for life. 

New member + Admin. Fee = $505.00


(Administrative Fee) – a one-time administrative fee of $5.00 is assessed on each new member. Members who leave the society and rejoin at a future date will not be reassessed this fee again.

Note: Members may choose to receive the OFHS newsletter either by paper copy (by United States Mail) or an electronic copy (PDF by email). If a member requests to receive both the paper copy and the electronic copy, an extra fee of $10.00 is required.  

Benefits of membership include:

The OFHS Newsletter:

The 24-page newsletter includes news of OFHS activities and projects along with information on Owsley family history and genealogy, correspondence and queries from members here and abroad. The Owsley Family Historical Society Newsletter won First Place in the Family Associations Category, 1997 National Genealogical Society’s Newsletter Competition. The OFHS Newsletter is published three times a year (April, August, and December).    

The OFHS Meeting:

A gathering of members and guests interested in the Owsley surname for exchange of family history and genealogical information along with educational lectures, Owsley-related historical tours and other special activities, the OFHS meeting is usually held in a state with strong ties to Owsley ancestral history. For a listing of all past meeting locations click HERE.

The OFHS meeting is held every other year.

Contact and exchange:

Through its Membership Lineages Directory and information in the Newsletter, members can locate and contact others who may be able to help them with their Owsley lineage research.

Historic site preservation:
Through your membership and volunteer contributions, you can be a part of the significant role OFHS plays in preservation of Owsley historic sites in England and the United States.

How to become a member:

Download the OFHS Membership Application from this page. Follow the instructions, which are on the application. If you have problems downloading the application or have any questions regarding membership, please contact President and Membership Director, Floyd Owsley, by clicking: .

Annual renewal payments are due on JANUARY 1. Please mail your renewal payments to: OFHS, Post Office Box 5408, Eugene, Oregon 97405.

NOTE: When making your annual renewal payment, please choose the desired type of delivery for the newsletter (paper copy by US Mail or electronic copy “PDF” by email). If you wish to receive both the paper copy and the electronic copy, please remember to add $10.00 to your annual payment.


Click here to download the

Owsley Family Historical Society (OFHS)

Membership Application form